Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The search begins for the right answer, i've been thinking about it for a year now. The question? What to do next? Give up full time employment and go into a ministry / missionary role? Really all the things that go through my head are money related, which is not a good thing. I've always thought I'd just work and earn the money to provide for my family, i guess the traditional view, but now Rebecca is earning twice what I am, so i guess my view is either now nonsense or I'm not looking in the right direction.What is the big fuss? Good question....I guess I don't want to be the same as everyone else in the world. We're all here for a reason, to serve God, but not many know it or accept it. I've been no different for years, but now I'm realising exactly what it all means. BUT... how do we go about serving HIM?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

What to do?

I've been trying to decide over the past week what to do about my Rugby. Last season i started back playing with Cooke RFC, loved it, great bunch of guys, out of a squad of 25 there are about 16 Christians, but now i've got the option to move from Cooke ( who play Junior 1 ) to Banbridge RFC ( All Ireland League 3 ). What i'm trying to weigh up is, should i stay at Cooke and help the other christians to be motivated this season to doing something massive for God or do i move to a club where there a only 2 Christians and help them? I'm trying to figure out where God wants me to be. As much as i want to go to Banbridge for a higher level of Rugby, would I be going for the wrong reasons? Am I better staying at Cooke? I've never felt like this about a sports club before. Is God saying something to me by the offer of Banbridge? ie he wants me to go there? or is he testing me? It's all i think about, and I haven't come up with an answer yet......

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Same stuff just a different day

Same stuff just a different day
So i haven't blogged in a week or so, and i've got to say that not much has changed in that time. I've been doing more thinking about life and just "stuff" in general. Many of my days have been the same, work, gym, rugby training, home etc... On friday night we sat down to relax and watched a DVD, 'The pirsuit of Happiness'. I found the film very good, but to be honest it made me think about things in my own life. The story basically is about a Father who wants what everyone else has. He does whatever he has to in order to provide for his Son, and his Son is his motivation. Even though the Father messes up a lot the Son still loves him, as long as they're together they're happy. The father is searching for a better life, and money and a better job.
It just made me think, we all run around thinking about getting bigger houses, New TV's new Cars, new phones, new this new that, bigger this bigger that..... when what we all should be doing is using what we've got for the greater good. It's funny, the number of Christians who get caught up in the world is huge. We all say we're different, we live different lives but underneath the surface we're all the same. We all want more and bigger things. I'm no different and i hate it. I'd like to be happy with all the things i've got, because i am actually happy, but they world makes you believe that you need more and more. Recently we've been thinking about using our house for others, we've talked about the idea of Fostering a child or baby, or letting people stay with us that are going through tough times. At the end of the day, we're in a very fortunate position, we have jobs, a home, 2 cars and each other. What i am wanting to challenge myself to do is, use all we have to make other people's lives happier. I know i babble on, but i don't want to be like all other people, i don't want to spend my life comparing my home, car, belongings, holidays etc to others.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Well today i'm feeling the pain. Was at Rugby training last night, and it's still mainly fitness, it's a killer. I've been hitting the gym every other day at lunch time, doing a pretty good work out, all to put on a bit of weight and more muscle. I'm not really wure if it's working, all i know is that i'm sore all over.
How good is it that it's the weekend? No more work for a day of two......... so happy!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Well I fianlly decided to publish a blog, i've been reading many peoples blogs. Some have made me think deeply about life, some just made me laugh. To those who know me, they know I'm probably not the worlds deepest thinker, but i think i'm finally growing old. I've all day in work to sit and look oout the window at the world and ask myself alot of questions. It'll come as a shock to many to know that I'm also reading books. I never was one for reading books as i classed them as boring, but i've read a few that have changed my opinion. I read a book called " Faith like Potatoes" by Angus Buchan, it's a very inspiring read, and currently just finishing off " Sex God" by Rob Bell, some very good points in his book, makes you think.
Life is weird, I've been married now for 2 yrs to Rebecca, who i love deeply, but for the past few years i've been supporting the both of us with my moderate wage, now Rebecca has qualified after 5 yrs to become a Dentist, and to be honest it's great that she's got a job. Now that Rebecca is working it's allowing me to think about my own life and work. I've been working as a Computer Software Analyst now for 2 yrs, it's the longest job i've had. It's a good job, very boring at times but even so i enjoy the people i work with. Since we've known that Rebecca was starting a job the weight has been lifted off my shoulders and is allowing me to think about doing something worthwhile with my life workwise. Currently i'm sturggling with the whole idea of giving up my job and working full time by faith. I've been thinking this one through now for over a year trying to figure out what is the right thing, but i'm no further forward, but if all life's decisions were simple life would be boring.

I'll fire some pictures on at a later date.